Trademark Law

Trademark Law

MMI advises clients in the selection, availability, and registration of trademarks, service marks, and corporate names. Likewise, we prepare the applications to register trademarks and service marks, protect and defend those marks which have been selected, and prosecute those who infringe on those marks.

We can guide you through securing federal and state registration to protect your trademark and assist you with renewals and maintenance fee payments for registered trademarks. Alternatively, we can advise you on the best course of action to protect your mark if you wish to forgo registration.


Protect Your Trademark

If you are expanding your business internationally, our carefully cultivated network of international IP firms allows us to seek foreign trademark protection, including registration applications filed under the Madrid Protocol and renewals and maintenance fees for issued registrations.

If you are developing a new mark, we can advise you regarding potential infringement complications or conflicting marks. We can also provide licensing agreements with respect to your trademarks. In addition, we’ve aided our clients in securing protection of their Internet domain names and advised them regarding other avenues of IP law that aligned with their needs.