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MMIIP is an international practice in a local setting. MMIIP serves the needs of its clients locally in Erie, PA, nationally around the country, and overseas. Whatever the size and scope of your intellectual property needs, MMIIP can help you navigate the rules and understand how they apply to your specific situation.

Patent Law

MMI Intellectual Property represents clients in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications for a variety of technologies at the USPTO, internationally through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and directly in other countries through our relationships with foreign IP firms. We also assist clients in the maintenance, enforcement, and licensing of issued patents, as well as patentability, patent validity, and infringement studies. We can also guide you through the process of licensing your intellectual property to third parties.       

Trademark Law

MMI Intellectual Property advises clients in the selection, availability for use, and registration of trademarks, service marks, and corporate names. We handle the preparation and prosecution of applications to register trademarks and service marks, and protect and defend those marks which have been selected. We can guide you through securing federal and/or state registration to protect your trademark and assist you with renewals and maintenance fee payments for registered trademarks. Alternatively, we can advise you on the best course of action to protect your mark if you wish to forgo registration.


If you are expanding your business internationally, our carefully cultivated relationships with IP firms in other countries allow us to seek foreign trademark protection including registration applications filed under the Madrid Protocol and renewals and maintenance fees for issued registrations.

If you are developing a new mark, we can advise you regarding potential infringement complications or conflicting marks. We can also provide licensing agreements with respect to your trademarks. We have additionally aided our clients in securing protection of their Internet domain names and in many cases, have advised them regarding other avenues of IP law that were available to meet their needs.       

Copyright Law

In addition to assisting with federal copyright registration, we can help you enforce copyrights, license your copyrighted works, and address copyright infringement. We have advised many clients on issues of fair use, distribution and publication of copyrighted works, copyrighted works on the Internet, and where appropriate, the use of other forms of intellectual property protection. We have also advised our clients in international protection of copyrighted works available through the Berne Convention.       

Internet / IT Law

The internet has transformed the way business is conducted and has opened up opportunities and risks that need to be understood and managed. MMI Intellectual Property advises clients on how best to take advantage of those opportunities and to manage those risks in a way that makes the most sense for their objectives. MMIIP can also help you develop a proactive response plan to cybersecurity threats, to prepare for the eventuality of you or your company become the target of a hacking event. If you are attacked by hackers and don't have a plan in place, MMIIP can help you navigate through the process of response and recovery.

Business and IP Counseling

Every business endeavor has intellectual property whether they choose to acknowledge it or not. MMI Intellectual Property understands that there needs to be balance struck between protection, enforcement, and exploitation of IP assets and the costs of doing so. All of this must be considered in light of the goals and expectations of the business operation and well as considering the IP position of competitors in the marketplace. MMIIP helps its clients chart a course through the minefields and tripwires of their own and others' IP.       

Trade Secret Law

MMI Intellectual Property assists clients in establishing and protecting their trade secrets. We can help you protect your trade secrets by utilizing confidentiality agreements, employee agreements, non-disclosure agreements, corporate information policies, and other safeguards. We can also determine whether continuing trade secret protection is appropriate or warranted, and whether other forms of intellectual property protection may be necessary. Where necessary we can work with other counsel to get our clients complete coverage for IP related issues in existing policies developed by others.       

Licensing & Contract Law

Do you have an IP asset you would like to sell, license, or otherwise give rights to a third party? Would you like to purchase, lease, license, or otherwise acquire rights to the IP of others? Either way MMI Intellectual Property assists its clients in licensing and contract aspects of intellectual property assignments, licenses, and other transfers of rights. This includes the registration of IP assets where appropriate with the necessary governmental authorities, whether here in the United States or overseas in other countries.       


MMI Intellectual Property provides mediation dispute resolution services to help resolve disputes involving business and/or intellectual property. Mediation is an alternative to more costly and time consuming litigation through the court system where there is no guarantee of any outcome and neither side in a dispute can control the decision making process. Mediation allows the parties to come to a mutually agreeable resolution and allows the parties to think outside the limitations of what the legal system can provide. MMI Intellectual Property can act as that neutral third party that helps guide and support parties in conflict.