Great ideas are like gold.

They’re valuable, rare, and need to be protected. Whether you need to trademark your brand’s slogan, patent your invention, or copyright your latest work, MMI Intellectual Property is here to help you protect your intellectual property.


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Turnkey Intellectual Property Services

Our seasoned team of industry experts delivers one-of-a-kind customer service, unrivaled strategic counseling, and a comprehensive suite of intellectual property services. From acquisition and mediation to licensing and patent protection, MMI has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience you need to ensure your ideas, inventions, and masterpieces are secure. Our intellectual property services include but are not limited to:

  • Business & IP Counseling
  • Copyright Law
  • Internet & IT Law
  • Licensing & Contract Law
  • Mediation
  • Patent Law
  • Trade Secret Law
  • Trademark Law

Put simply: MMI is where inspiring ideas get the airtight intellectual property protection they need. Unsure of what services you need for your invention, business, and work? Contact us to learn more about what will secure your ideas and how we can help.

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What Makes MMI Different?

From aerospace and technology to healthcare and manufacturing, MMI has the capacity to support clients in a myriad of industries. To ensure we align with your individual needs, we immerse ourselves in your products, services, and ideas and meticulously study your area of business to discover untapped opportunities.

In all areas of work, we’re honest, transparent, and supportive in our approach. We understand the unease of feeling unprotected and the mental real estate that anxiety occupies. Your ideas are a part of you. By giving inventors, business owners, and creators peace of mind that their work is protected, we hope to inspire them to keep dreaming up tomorrow’s revolutionary technology, drafting the next great novel, or building the next global brand.

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